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Welcome to Bob Miller's music website.

Here you can see what music is on offer and a bit about both the music and the musician.

Bob played semi-professionally from mid-sixties until early seventies, based in Glasgow. When he moved to the far north of Scotland he gave up playing.

A chance meeting with his old bass player in 2009 revived his interest, and soon started producing music again. This is why the first album had to be called 'Out of Retirement' !

He continued recording a variety of what he calls 'Classic Popular Songs' but, since he cannot sing a note, he has made them all as guitar instumentals, probably influenced by his first musical experience - The Shadows.

He is in good company, since most guitar players of the past fifty years would quote Hank 'B' Marvin as one of their greatest influences.

His second album is called 'From Boston to Bach' The Boston part is not the city, but the band from 1980s, but the Bach bit is the genuine article - Tocatta & Fugue in D minor.

He was rather co-erced into recording a number of Shadows numbers, but thoroughly enjoyed it once he got started. This resulted in 'Shades of the Shadows'.

None of the songs here are exact replicas of the original - why bother? I have added (and subtracted) bits here and there to give my own stamp on each piece.

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Listen to  Bob's versions of

            The Shadows hit 'Geronimo'      '  

'The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face'     

The Scorpions' classic 'Wind of Change'

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